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Skim the following newspaper article. Try to finish in less than 60 seconds. Then answer the questions below.

What is hurting the Environment?
by Faith Silver

Scientists are working hard to clean up our environment. Air pollution is one of the most serious problems they face. They know that a lot of the pollution is caused by people burning fuels such as gasoline, wood and oil.

In many big cities now, the air is gray and dirty. This is caused mostly by gasoline burned in car engines. For every gallon of gasoline that a car burns, a half pound of carbon monoxide goes into the air. This is what makes the air so gray. Scientists and car makers are making changes in car engines. New cars will not put so much carbon monoxide into the air. Then the air will be cleaner, and cities such as Los Angeles and Mexico City will have blue skies again.

But carbon monoxide pollution is only one form of air pollution. Another kind of air pollution that comes from gasoline and other fuels is carbon dioxide. For every gallon and other fuels is carbon dioxide. For every gallon of gasoline a car burns, 5 1/2 pounds of carbon dioxide go into the air. You cannot see carbon dioxide in the air, since it is a clear gas, and you cannot smell it. But the effects of carbon dioxide on the environment are very serious.

Carbon dioxide has made a clear cloud over the earth. This cloud is called "greehouse effect". Like a blanket, this clear cloud has made the earth warmer. As the earth becomes a lot warmer, many things may change. First of all, the weather may change. There may be more violent storms in many parts of the world.  In many places the summers may become hotter and drier. In these places, it may be more difficult to grow food, and that means more people may die of hunger.

What can we do about carbon dioxide pollution? We need to burn fuels to keep warm in the winter, we need to cook, and we need to have transportation. In the past, we did all these things and there was no greenhouse effect. However, in the past there were far fewer people. Now, the number of people in the world is growing every year. So the amount of fuel we burn is growing, too. Scientists say that the earth is in danger from the greenhouse effect. They also say the real problem is not carbon dioxide. The problem is too many people!

1. This article says that carbon monoxide pollution
a. comes from gasoline burned in cars
b. comes from the earth
c. is caused by scientists.

2. Carbon dioxide is a problem because it
a. is a fossil fuel
b. makes the earth warmer
c. is burned by cars.

3. Scientists say the real problem is
a. carbon monoxide
b. the air in Los Angeles and Mexico City
c. too many people in the world

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